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HQK: Arahi Faye Nori by Deyhios HQK: Arahi Faye Nori by Deyhios
:new: My hate for the Flamingo's Uniform colours is too strong gomen ya'll-- THIS IS MY FINAL DECISION. I SWEAR I'LL EARN ENOUGH STARS FOR A FLAMINGO SPOT VOLLEY-SENPAI--

"P-Please use -kun... I'll blush if you use -chan....!"

Name: Arahi "Faye", Nori | Nicknames: Faye, "Mad Dog" | Gender: Female
   Age: 18 | D.O.B: Feb. 8th | Nationality: English / Japanese
176.18 cm | Weight: 142 lbs. 」

School and Year: Shigeruten Joshi Gakuen 茂天 女子学園 | 3rd Year
   Position and Number: Winged Spiker ; ?? 」

Strengths:                                         Weaknesses:
» Offensive Techniques                     » Zones out
» Morale Control                               » Pushover
» Reflexes
                                        » Over exertion

» Having played beach volleyball and her position as libero, Faye is great with it comes to defense and her new offensive role, however, she tends to over exert herself to prove herself to others that she deserves to be on the court as much as any player and it usually has bad consequences for her.

» Loyal | Mature | Liberal | Blunt | Passionate | Softheaded | Semi Aggressive

» Raised with both English and Japanese morals, Faye is respectful and loyal to the end; however, she does not hesitate to right a wrong no matter how close you are to her. Though, she does tend to be lax, even with strangers (This can take a complete 360 if you ever cross her which isn't very easy). If you were to cross her, as to how aggressive Faye can get, it's like letting air out of a balloon, at her angriest, Faye will get loud, very loud, but if to an anger level higher than that, she no qualms throwing fists(It's usually a last option), but she loses steam quickly and tends to try and end situations at the peak; after than everyone is just words. Not entirely soft spoken, Faye can be quite talkative with those she's called friends. A golden heart, Faye is "tough love" at its finest, if she is tough, she knows you can and wishes to see you succeed, but she will not tolerate quitters or pessimists. She is quite blunt and will tell things as is, no sugar coating. Nevertheless, Faye is someone that if you choose for a friend (or a girlfriend) you get more than you ever asked for! A friend for life I'm afraid.

» England born, but Japanese raised. Faye was both an English and Japanese girl at heart. Born to an English mother and Japanese father Faye grew up in a house with two sets of ethnic backgrounds and never questioned if she belonged anywhere specific. Shortly after her birth, her father went back to his homeland of Japan on business and because of his constant travels, he was not in Faye's life as frequently as her mother. Simultaneously, during his second year away, the parents divorced. The divorce proceedings weren't brutal and the parents still do very well love each other, but distance proved to be a factor in the love not being as strong as it once was. Faye and her parents are close, at time having their disagreements, but compromises were always made. Recently, her mother had picked up a full time job back in England and her and Faye do not talk much; however they do exchange letters often. Now separated, her father suggested that since he could not come over to England as often as he liked, Faye should instead come over to Japan (mostly in the summer). Faye frequently took up the opportunities to spend time with her father in his homeland and grew a love for Japan as fierce as one could.

Fascinated in Japan and soon her father, with her mother's permission enlisted Faye in school. Arriving on her first day, Faye was already the center of attention for many of the student and faculty who were interested in knowing about the foreigner. However, the hype died down quickly and many began to pick on Faye. Mostly because of her looks and was teased to be a ganguro (A person who tans their skin to be darker); also that she was a 'freak' being taller than most of her classmates. This caused Faye not able to make many friends and she focused mostly on her academics, even into junior high. Entering junior high, Faye was borderline a social outcast having very few friends, who in turn only talked to her when others weren't aware of it. Faye then decided to join a sports team, girl's vb. However, during one of her practices, the girls' volleyball team was setting up their nets for practice and she couldn't turn her attention away from them. Then Faye had a thought, why not join a volleyball team in school, when she couldn't play beach vb once summer was over?

Unfortunately, the prejudice did follow her and unless in practice, or practice matches, Faye was usually benched during official games. Nevertheless, because of her beach volleyball experience she was eventually made a regular of the team and placed as the team's libero. Faye was an astounding libero, going to really unnerving means to stop that ball from touching the ground. Due to complicating injuries, in the middle of the second year season, she was changed to a winged spiker and due to her height, she quickly got into this position as well. Faye was known to be a fair player, despite her teammates general ostracization of her and kept a cool head throughout her games. It came as a shock to them, when she receive an award for most dedicated player, but she in turn thanked her members for allowing her to be apart of the team and never formally accepted the reward but gave it to her team instead. At the end of her last season, her veteran teammates formally apologized to her and had a surprise for her as well; an invitation to a private all girl's school called Shigeruten Joshi Gakuen ( 茂天 女子学園 ) for her academic achievements since her education back in England, she was reluctant at first, but humbly accepted it. Boy was she relieved when they turned out to have a volleyball team!... 」

Likes:                                                        Dislikes:
» Beach Volleyball                                       » Bullies
» Crocheting                                               » Cuttlefish
» Spicy Foods                                             » Beetles
» Peppermints                                            » Scary Stories; she's such a wuss
» Korean Fashion                                       » Rumors 」

Additional Information:
» Was given the suffix -kun on her first day arriving to elementary school in Japan--
» Her English accent is quite evident in her Japanese, but because she was raised in a household where both parents spoke their respective languages, her Japanese is exceptional--
» Bites her lips a lot when in thought, or nervous--
» When in serious play, Faye will zone out, at this moment, be careful--
» Faye is her real name, however, because of bullying in junior high, Nori was added as her first name-- Only close friends can call her Faye--
» Promised the officials she'd grow her hair back out during the year--Will switch to an undercut--
» Olympic Woman's Indoor Volleyball Player, Destinee Hooker, is her role model--
» Her grades aren't genius level, but they are definitely above average-- That English educational system don't play--
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